New Garden Gadget

 By Bunny Guinness, Garden Editor, Sunday Telegraph


It has been found that if you water seeds with magnetised water the plants flower earlier and weigh more which presumably equates to stronger plants. This has been used in Australia for more than 10 years. Now we are able to get magnetisers, called Plantsurge, to put on hoses and taps. As you fill the watering can or use the hose, the water passes through magnets and gains a magnetic charge. The idea is that it makes the water molecules shrink so they enter the plant more easily together with dissolved minerals. Sounds extraordinary; there is some scientific evidence to back it up, but it is not clear exactly how it works. Apparently, plants taste better, grow better, and need less water. I am putting one on the kitchen tap too- so if you see me leaping around reinvigorated, you will know why.