Plantsurge magnetic Structured Water help to accelerate plant growth


The demand for structured water treatments from commercial growers worldwide is growing exponentially, with growers seeking ways to increase yield and turnover by producing safe, more non-toxic naturally grown crops.  In the USA we are also seeing structured water treatment becoming more popular in niche agricultural systems such as electro culture and in licenced medical marijuana farming. Structured water, also referred to as magnetised or clustered water, are essentially water molecules that have been re-arranged or restructured under the influence of strong magnetic fields. 

In England, commercial grower, Wild Greens Farm has taken structured water to another level by using Plantsurge magnetic technology to irrigate 30,000 plants growing edible flowers for the UK restaurant trade. Owner Ben Wild who supplies over 56% of UK Michelin-starred restaurants using national wholesalers, has fitted three commercial Plantsurge systems to his irrigation pipes after seeing his crops of violas, pansies and nasturtiums flowering six days faster compared to using untreated standard water. By increasing turnover and delivery to his demanding customers (Chefs) Ban has increased profitability along with customer satisfaction.

Ben Wild with fitted Plantsurge XL


One key factor in Ben’s decision making to use structured water was based on the results seen from the independent plants trials funded by Plantsurge in 2020, where two of the plants he grows (pansies and violas) showed a 400% increase in flowering using its magnetic water treatment systems.  Visit website to see full trial results.


Viola plant showing 400% increase in flowers.


The Plantsurge magnetic treatment uses two types of permanent magnets, the commercial Plantsurge XL (designed to fit wide pipes) is made from rare earth magnets commonly called neodymium magnets. These have a very high magnetic energy output and coercive force and are the strongest of all permanent magnet options used on a commercial industrial scale.

 The more popular green recycled Plantsurge device, which fits household water hoses and watering cans is made of ferrite from ferromagnetic metal oxide material, where a less powerful force is shown in horticultural studies to improve plant growing performance in most domestic plants and crops.

             Plantsurge with ferrite magnets


 The easiest way to understand how magnets work to increase flower production is to compare the effects with thunderstorm rainfall. After a thunderstorm downpour, gardens seem revitalised and plants just seem to grow bigger, very quickly. Scientists believe these effects happen because electro-magnetic fields alter the structure of the water, (whether from a thundercloud or using a Plantsurge) thus creating a larger surface area, increased viscosity, and a smaller molecule cluster size, allowing improved hydration, increased uptake of minerals from the soil to roots and a boost to the plant’s immunity. 

This structured water improves plant growing performance, which can be seen in stronger root ball, more abundant foliage, increase in flowers and lusher blooms. Many growers also report seeing less pests like cabbage white, blight and infestations of mildew when using Plantsurge.


Plantsurge magnetic water gives bigger root ball.


Because magnetic water treatment is nontoxic and a totally natural process, we haven’t come across any disadvantages to this novel treatment. Additionally magnetic water has been shown in studies from Dublin University to inhibit lime scale, using this novel water treatment can be a valuable benefit for growers whose water pipes clog up and whose plants get affected by hard scale. Studies showed when hard water flows across static magnetic fields, this increases the aragonite to calcite ratio, the two compounds that make up the calcium deposits in hard water. Calcite makes scale cling to surfaces whereas aragonite is less likely to form scale and keeps moving along with the water.


           Plantsurge boosted broad bean plants.
Magnetic treatment uses no harsh chemicals that can damage the plants root systems, and it does not remove the minerals and nutrients. Anyone living in a soft water area can use the Plantsurge and it will not alter the pH of the water, it will simply magnetise, so you get the benefits for your plants and gardens.

Plantsurge is prized for its sustainable benefits, it is made with ocean recycled plastic, it uses no power and needs no maintenance, and it is a one-off purchase that lasts a lifetime. It can also be fitted in seconds using magnetic force to clip it to water or hose pipes.