Plant trials prove magnetic water benefits

When Plantsurge, the magnetic water garden device was put to the test in a head-to-head contest against tap water, the management team at Ecocamel had no idea what awaited them before results were published. Establishing swift credibility for a new product launched to the garden industry was critical, so, in April 2020 when horticulturist Chris Wiley from testing company Sow Successful Ltd arrived at the Ecocamel head office in London with the results, and showed documented proof of the benefits, everyone was jubilant.  The comparison results were spectacularly in favour of magnetic water - all twenty-five plant species evaluated showed an average 80 percent increase in flowering compared to tap water, some flowers like violas showed a 433 percent increase. Chris Wiley reported ‘I can conclude that there has been a significant improvement in flower counts, with some varieties tending to flower for longer periods of time. There is minor difference in the germination stage, but between the stage of seedling and mature potted plant, there are noticeable variances which include larger foliage, speed of flowering, larger flowers, flower count and general health of the plants, which are typically all better when using Plantsurge.’ The full test results are available to view and download on the Ecocamel website.