Descaler for Pools and Ponds

Get the new product all pool owners are talking about!

What’s not to like?

Homeowners agree that natural pools can offer everything they would want from a swimming pool. Clean, clear, chemical-free water, lower running costs, environmentally friendly, and user friendly.

In two words it’s called HARD WATER, the natural rainwater that’s packed with calcium and magnesium deposits known as limescale, which if left untreated or poorly managed can spoil pool owner’s enjoyment and skyrocket operating costs.

Limescale is the enemy that all pool owners face - it matters little if you are using water to swim, or for coy carp in a garden pond - hard water needs to be descaled continuously and effectively.

Three of the worst problems pool owners face.

Clogged up piping which damages expensive pool machinery - creating skyrocketing costs

Ugly hard white deposits on pool lining - requiring strong chemicals to remove

Poor growth of aquatic plants - vital to balance the natural ecology to keep the pool clean

With over 60% of all homes in the UK affected by hard water It’s not easy for pool owners to avoid limescale, so what the solution? Magnetic water treatment is considered world beating technology in the war on limescale, it offers proven results and effective solutions. In fact, it’s so effective and cost saving that it’s no surprise that the UK biggest natural pools company Natural Swimming Pools Ltd chose the outstanding Descaler as the first-choice solution in the war on limescale!!

So how does the Descaler work?

Descaler contains high powered neodymium magnets that produce an alternating magnetic field on the flowing water, these magnetic fields influence the structure of the water, preventing calcium ions from forming crystals that stick to the surfaces of the water pipes. Amazingly, Descaler instantly converts limescale into harmless compounds, giving effective low-cost hard water treatment.

Humble Beginnings

‘We were impressed with the Descaler because despite being competitively priced it matched the key criteria necessary to remove damaging limescale. Ecocamel Descaler uses high powered neodymium magnets in a rust-proof casing that's maintenance-free and easy to install. The initial results are beyond expectations with a noticeable improvement in limescale reduction’.

Paul Watkinson, Owner/ Director, Natural Swimming Pools Ltd.

Dissolve’s swimmer oils and tanning lotions

Swimmers release minute particles of dirt, skin cells, debris, body, and tanning oils into the water, and because they are so small these particles cannot be filtered efficiently so may end up clogging the filters from build-up and falling on the pool floor. Ecocamel Descaler's powerful magnetic field polarizes these tiny particles and binds them together in large enough clumps to be efficiently removed by the filtration system, this saves on cleaning costs and helps keeps the pool cleaner.

Pool water feels so clean and fresh on the skin

Unlike many soft water systems which makes the pool water feel ‘slippery’ and ‘soapy’ on your skin, the Magclear water feels clean and as fresh as new rainfall. This is because magnetic technology doesn’t ever need to use compounds like sodium to remove calcium - swimmers will love the feel of magnetised water on the skin. 

Stabilises pH to reduce sanitiser use

Keeping a close eye on the pH balance in the water is key to maintaining a healthy ecosystem and keeping the water naturally sanitised. When pH fluctuates, this can render the sanitiser ineffective and cause expensive damage to equipment. pH fluctuations are mainly caused by a deficiency of electrons in the water.

The good news is that Magclear gives a continuous supply of electrons into the water flow by passing it through the powerful magnetic fields. Pool owners will require less chemicals and can avoid the resulting cost involved.

'I am excited to discover that the magnetised water will encourage aquatic plant growth, so that's one criterion we will be monitoring closely. Installing a Descaler gives me added peace of mind and we are now recommending it to be installed with all our new pools and to be retrofitted on existing ones’.

Paul Watkinson, Owner/ Director, Natural Swimming Pools Ltd.