Plantsurge Magnetic Garden Water Softener

Powered by magnets to boost plant and flower growth and increase yields for more vibrant-looking gardens
See how it helped award winning Daffodil grower

Dave Hardy’s video shows the incredible growth boosting effects of Plantsurge water compared to tap water tested on Narcissus February Gold daffodils. These remarkable results were seen 4 weeks after two identical sets of bulbs were planted into pots at the same time, with identical growing care ( same light, same soil, feed and amount of watering) – the only difference was the type of water used. Dave is an award-winning daffodil grower running Esker Farms with his partner Jules in Omagh, Northern Ireland. Dave has a degree in Horticulture, previously he was a teacher for 16 years. He started growing daffodils in autumn 2011 and has competed in daffodil shows around the world and won many awards.

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Pansy plants tested outdoors show an 80% increase in flowers.

Viola plants tested outdoors show a 433% increase in flowers.

Cyclamen plants tested outdoors show a 52% increase in flowers.

Cyclamen plants tested indoors show a 25% increase in flowers.

Orchid plants tested indoors show a 25% increase in flowers.

Mrs Laura Sneddon

Broadstone, Dorset, England.

Laura Sneddon is an amateur gardener living in the English countryside in the county of Dorset. She has created an amazing cottage style garden, growing all her flowers from seeds. Laura tested Plantsurge water against rain water on three different plant varieties, her video shows impressive early results. It seems that her garden helper, Bertie the poodle was also pretty impressed. Laura is hoping to see how successful her Luffa’s grow wit the magnetic soft water system.


“We grow edible flowers and microgreens for restaurants nationwide. To irrigate our 20,000 plants, we fitted two large Plantsurge magnetisers and we were surprised and delighted to see plugs flowering six days quicker than we expected, the benefits for our business bottom line has been noticeably improved. Plantsurge was easy to fit to our water pipes and we started using them the same day they arrived.”

Ben wild, Owner Wild Greens Farm, Brackenholm, North Yorkshire

‘’I’ve gone off in a new direction on watering in recent days, I’m trying out a Plantsurge that clips on to the hose or water pipe. I’m fascinated that my plants might be able to absorb water more efficiently.’’

Val Bourne, Journalist, Amateur Gardening Magazine