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I tested 15 varieties of tomato plants grown in a greenhouse together to compare differences between magnetic water from Plantsurge and tap water. All plants were given identical feed and water. After six weeks, most varieties of tomato watered with Plantsurge had stronger stems, larger foliage and some varieties were taller compared to tap water plants.

Erin Schanen

Michigan, USA. 

My strawberry plants have grown massively in the last few weeks, with lots of flowers which should give me a great crop this year. I attribute the growth to the magnetised water from the magnets by Plantsurge and the liquid fertiliser I use from Ecoworm.

Ian Jonson


Literally amazed! I water everything in the garden with the Plantsurge attached and only take it off the hosepipe when I water the two foxglove plants on the left, mad! Genuinely cannot believe the results it gives!

Adam Kirtland

Birmingham, England

I love hanging baskets, so I was delighted to see that the Plantsurge magnetic watered baskets were more abundant with more flowers than the tap water baskets. Both planted with identical petunia plants, on the same day, both given feed with exact same amount of watering, this makes the result even more authentic.

Lisa Allison

Dronsfield, England

It would appear to me that the properties of the Plantsurge magnetic water when administered to plants is similar to a nitrogenous plant feed, resulting in lush, green leafy growth at some expense to flowering. However, after two weeks of flowering all of my Plantsurge watered Cosmos flowers planted from seed are slightly bigger and lusher that tap water Cosmos

Michael Palmer

Bourenmouth, England

I am amazed to see so many flowers on my agapanthus and it’s all down to the Plantsurge magnetic soft water, this plant has barely flowered in the last four years, so this is simply fantastic!

Lisa Allison

Dronsfield, England