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How Does Plantsurge Actually Work?

If you have you ever noticed just how vibrant and healthy your plants and gardens look after a thunderstorm, it’s because these effects are caused by the electrical charge in the rainwater. Plantsurge harnesses the power of magnets to give a similar effect on your plants, effects proven from independent plant trials, observations by commercial growers, professional gardeners and hobby plant enthusiasts.

Just how does the Plantsurge magnetic fields cause such significantly stronger, healthier plant growth than both tap water and collected rain water?

The honest answer is that there is no general consensus among water scientists on this, but by far the most feasible and heavily promoted theory is down to the cluster size of the water molecules.

Plantsurge uses a special configured set of four magnets with a specific gauss strength that when attached to a water pipe or hose pipe with flowing water, creates a strong magnetic field. This magnetic field reduces the cluster size of the water molecules, allowing more efficient absorption into the plant’s root system. The result is better hydration (with water saving benefits) and more efficient nutrient uptake, giving healthy, vibrant plants - just like thunderstorm rainfall.  

We are grateful to many dozens of Instagram garden influencers who have been using, testing and observing the effects of Plantsurge in their gardens and allotments during 2021. Many have discovered that when magnetic water is used along with organic plant feed the results are startlingly more dramatic. Growth is boosted, health is more robust and plants flower far faster and blooms last longer. We are thrilled because this helps to protect the environment and improve plant health, because gardeners can use magnetically treated  water instead of  inorganic fertilisers. Plantsurge water is ideal for compost or a good organic fertilizer, high in nutrients, humus, humic acid, and microorganisms.


Gavin Reay

Plantsurge has been created and designed in the UK by Gavin Reay, the creative boffin and industrial designer with his own company, Industrial Design Innovators.

Gavin Reay Plantsurge designer

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