At the incredibly competitive price of £178 a unit, Magclear offers tremendous value for money, not only will it not cost a bean once fitted but you will never need to replace it, fix it or service it and it will last you forever. This once in a lifetime purchase can save you thousands in machinery and labour costs but when you purchase it you just cannot put a price on years of pleasurable swimming experience.

Whether you want to make cost savings, reduce maintenance work, protect your machinery and long-term investment, the real benefits you will get from installing Magclear magnetic water treatment is to give you the most exquisite experience you can enjoy from swimming in a natural pool, creating clean, ecological and vibrant pool water.

Magclear can be used anywhere that hard water requires treating - we supply units for garden ponds, indoor swimming pools, sprinkler systems and irrigation usage.

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Magic Magnetic Water

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Have ever noticed just how vibrant and healthy your plants and gardens look after a thunderstorm?

This is because these effects are caused by the electrical charge in the rainwater. Plantsurge harnesses the power of magnets to give a similar effect on your plants.
Scientists, horticulturists and growers world-wide have seen the benefits of using magnetic water on plant growth and improved yield
Plantsurge Magnetic Water System uses a special configured set of magnets carefully aligned with a specific gas strength that when it is attached to a water pipe or hose pipe with flowing water, it creates a strong magnetic field.
The magnetic field reduces the cluster size of the water molecules, allowing more efficient absorption into the plant’s root system.
The result is better hydration (with water saving benefits) and more efficient nutrient uptake, producing healthy, vibrant plants, fruit and vegetables.
To help protect the environment and improve plant health,
Many gardeners prefer using Plantsurge instead of inorganic fertilisers.
Magnetic water is ideal for compost and is also a good organic fertiliser - high in nutrients, humus, humic acid, and microorganisms.
Strong testimonials from UK gardeners and robust plant trials showing the benefits of Plantsurge.
365-day full money back refund if you are not happy with the product.

Independent trials prove plants flower more abundantly and bloom longer using Plantsurge

In November 2019, the Plantsurge magnetic water system was tested against tap water on  25 different varieties of indoor and outdoor plants. Horticulturist Chris Wiley from Suffolk company Sow Successful Ltd discovered some remarkable findings after nearly six months of testing. The most significant benefit was that when compared to tap water, Plantsurge watered plants  produced an average of 80%  more flowers, and viola and pansies showed a massive  400% increase. 

Chris Wiley summed up the key results of the trials' there were significant improvement in flower counts, with some varieties tending to flower for longer periods of time , there are noticeable variances which includes larger foliage, speed of flowering and general health of the plants,  which are typically better using Plantsurge.


Val Bourne Journalist, Amateur Gardening Magazine

’I’ve gone off in a new direction on watering in recent days, I’m trying out a Plantsurge that clips on to the hose or water pipe. I’m fascinated that my plants might be able to absorb water more efficiently.’

Joe Harrison Garden Blogger

‘I have been using the Plantsurge on my potted plants, seedlings and tomatoes for eight weeks and the foliage has gone mad, it’s working a charm.’

Bunny Guiness Garden Writer

'If you water plants with magnetic water, they flower earlier and weight more which presumably equates to stronger growth'.

Samantha Wright Seedsology, Lincoln

'The wildflowers watered with Plantsurge are doing absolutely fabulous, compared to the ones in the meadow, they are taller, and the growth is amazing.'