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plantsurge case studies
plantsurge case studies
plantsurge case studies

'In an unofficial test, 15 varieties of tomatoes were grown from seed and started indoors under grow lights to compare the differences between magnetic water and tap water. Plants were grown side by side in identical conditions, with one set watered exclusively with magnetic water and the other set watered exclusively with tap water. After six weeks, 13 of 15 varieties watered with Plantsurge showed improved vigor over the tomatoes watered with tap water. Plantsurge plants were generally taller, had stronger stems and larger, healthier foliage'. Test carried out by trained gardener Erin Schanen, Wisconsin, USA.


Case Study - Magnetic Water vs Rainwater

Amateur Gardener - Mrs Liz Soydas - Worksop, Notts


I have been using the Plantsurge magnetic water device for over 6 weeks. I have trialed it on a variety of plants that have been kept in the greenhouse, I have carried out a direct comparison using magnetic water vs rainwater.


The fuchsia plants arrived at the same time and from the same grower. They were small plants, and all were all the same size. From April 20th I began the experiment with the plants.

plantsurge case studies


The 4 plants on the left have been watered using Plantsurge - The 4 plants on the right have used rainwater from the water butt. The plants were watered at the same time each day and given the exact same amount of water.

Plants on the left have stronger foliage and look healthier and fuller - they have more buds and much stronger flowers.

Plants on the right are weaker with far less foliage, they have less flowers and one has died off.


Initially we were sceptical about the magnetic water attachment. How wrong we were. This year our garden has had the best flowers ever. Our climbing rose, which usually blooms poorly once a year at the end of September, is still blooming a month later ( end of October) with strong pretty flowers.'

'I have recommended Plantsurge to friends, who are impressed by our garden. One of the things we noticed was that despite dry weather and some of our soil being sandy, we needed to water less. This was noticeable in our pots and baskets too.

Stops hard water from damaging plants

Plantsurge prevents limescale build up

If your tap water is ‘hard’ or limey – for instance if it furs up your kettle or produces limescale deposits – watering with it will make the soil or compost more alkaline, and lead to plant problems. Magnetic water has been scientifically tested to show it can prevent limescale build up, reducing alkalinity that can damage species such as camelias, rhododendrons, azalea, magnolia, daphne, Japanese maples and more

plantsurge case studies

Keeps irrigation pipes scale free

Plantsurge offers clog free irrigation for sprinklers and ponds

Plantsurge prevents limescale from clogging and damaging irrigation pipes; helping to ensure free flowing water into garden ponds and irrigation systems such as soaker hoses or sprinklers. The bonus is you get to enjoy healthier happier fish, luscious lawns and you save money with longer lasting equipment.

plantsurge keeps irrigation pipes scale free