About us

About Us

We are a small team and an eclectic bunch who try to figure out how best to design, innovate and manufacture products then get these to market through direct sales and wholesale efforts. We also care about the environment, love innovation, and give best service to customers.

Founder is Guy; our product innovator and mad keen gardener. 

Head of London operations is Ofir; the marketing and export pundit and a sportsman in love with martial arts and boxing. As well as playing his Saxophone.

James is the original Plantsurge jack of all trades, garden rookie, qualified nutritionist in clinic and environmentalist. 

Office boss is Andrea who runs accounts, logistics and keeps everything tickety boo while looking after her young family. 

Zaneta the office whizz manages fulfilment and sends your products to you on time, she’s a keen traveller and dog lover.

Gavin is the creative boffin; the industrial designer with his own company who designs all our products, he’s a keen cyclist and you will often find him doing 100 plus miles on a Saturday!  

We all graft for Ecocamel Ltd, it’s a British company that’s been successfully designing and selling water-saving showerheads for over 15 years. We love using technology to enhance everyday products, which is why our showerheads use patented multiple venturi technology as well as riffling, two of our clever gizmos that saves water and increases velocity. photo of Ecocamel shower technology Our claim to fame is that we have now become the main supplier of showerheads to the UK caravan industry, boy do these caravanners love to shower!

So how did we come up with Plantsurge, the magnetic water system?

Some years back, whilst researching how magnetising water can be of benefit to home water systems, we discovered that magnetic fields on flowing water can break down the scale forming particles thereby preventing the build-up of limescale. And the water got softer without having to add corrosive salt and chemicals into the system, it could be 100% natural and eco-friendly. The benefits were numerous; people reported having healthier hair and skin when showering in soft water and noticed an increase in the life of their hot water boiler. So, we got Gavin off his bike and invented the Ecocamel Descaler. After selling tens of thousands of systems, we discovered that that magnetic water might also improve plant and vegetable growth.

We got head honcho Guy into his vegetable patch and whilst he clipped the Ecocamel descaler to his hosepipe and watered like crazy, we all waited to see the results. photo of Guys garden. The results were so good- almost too good to be true, it was decided to invest in independent UK trials to test field observations and compare against tap water. We then rebranded the water descaler and called it Plantsurge, aimed at gardeners. Since 2020 plant trials we have received loads of positive testimonials from end-users as well as professional horticulturists who have had similar experiences of stronger growth, healthier plants and abundant flowering.

So, this is how Plantsurge came into being. This year we got Gavin off his bike again to design a brand new shaped and styled Plantsurge made from marine sourced recycled plastic (primarily fishing nets and tackle). This new Plantsurge is by far the most exciting product we have launched in over ten years, it will be completely rustproof, an ergonomic mould, one size fits all pipes. The angle and strength of the magnets are crucially important, and we use a design that allows for the optimal amount of magnetic impact on the water that flows through the pipe or hose.

Welcome to the world of magnetic water systems.