Independent Trials

Independent Plant Trials Prove Benefits of Magnetic Water.

In November 2019, the Plantsurge magnetic water system was tested against tap water on 25 different varieties of indoor and outdoor plants. Horticulturist Chris Wiley from Suffolk company Sow Successful Ltd discovered some remarkable findings after nearly six months of testing. The most significant benefit was that when compared to tap water, Plantsurge watered plants produced an average of 80% more flowers, and viola and pansies showed a massive 400% increase.

plantsurge independent plant trialsChris Wiley summed up the key results of the trials' there were significant improvement in flower counts, with some varieties tending to flower for longer periods of time , there are noticeable variances which includes larger foliage, speed of flowering and general health of the plants, which are typically better using Plantsurge.' 


Plantsurge Delivered:

  • Faster flowering from seed
  • Increased flower count
  • Longer lasting flowering blooms
  • Larger flower petal size
  • Flowers displayed more vibrant colours
  • Stronger healthier foliage

Plant Trials Expert Chris Wiley from
Sow Successful Ltd

Showcasing the benefits of magnetic water