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Mrs Laura Sneddon

Broadstone, Dorset, England.

Laura Sneddon is an amateur gardener living in the English countryside in the county of Dorset. She has created an amazing cottage style garden, growing all her flowers from seeds. Laura tested Plantsurge water against rain water on three different plant varieties, her video shows impressive early results. It seems that her garden helper, Bertie the poodle was also pretty impressed. Laura is hoping to see how successful her Luffa’s grow wit the magnetic soft water system.


Plantsurge Garden Water System

For more abundant plants and crops
See how it helped award winning Daffodil grower

Dave Hardy’s video shows the incredible growth boosting effects of Plantsurge water compared to tap water tested on Narcissus February Gold daffodils. These remarkable results were seen 4 weeks after two identical sets of bulbs were planted into pots at the same time, with identical growing care ( same light, same soil, feed and amount of watering) – the only difference was the type of water used.
Dave is an award-winning daffodil grower running Esker Farms with his partner Jules in Omagh, Northern Ireland. Dave has a degree in Horticulture, previously he was a teacher for 16 years. He started growing daffodils in autumn 2011 and has competed in daffodil shows around the world and won many awards.


Kirsy & Miles
From My Home Farm

The science behind magnetic water can be traced back to the work of French scientist, Louis Pasteur, who in the last century began experiments on magnets and plant growth. Because our product Plantsurge has been causing such a stir in the garden industry with results that are proving almost ‘too good to be true’ – improved plant performance, bigger blooms, more yield and vibrant gardens- we were delighted when one of our favourite garden experts undertook an academic and scientific literature search and found no shortage of studies focussing on magnetised water and the impact it has on plants and seedlings.

Commercial Grower

Ben Wild, the owner of Wild Greens Farm located in Brackenholm in North Yorkshire watched as his crops flowered one week faster after irrigating with magnetic water. That’s not all, the Plantsurge water encouraged plants to grow larger petals. The net result for this busy plant grower has been increased yield and cropping, two benefits that has made a difference to business profits. Plantsurge water saving benefits will also reduce water costs because it hydrates root systems more efficiently.

I have been comparison testing two black beauty tomato plants, the plant given the Plantsurge softer water has 47% more flowers in bloom (64 currently) and is taller and stronger than the tap watered plant which has 34 flowers in bloom.

Samantha Carroll

Worcester, England

I was delighted to be chosen to grow wildflowers from seed watered with magnetic water from Plantsurge for a showcase garden at the BBC Gardeners World Show in 2021, especially after I discovered that my home-grown wildflowers were far stronger and taller than those growing in the meadow. Thanks in a big part to Plantsurge for helping us create an award-winning garden.

Samantha Wright

Lincolnshire, England 

The most impressive result I noticed when I first fitted and used my Plantsurge was how vibrant and healthy looking were my newly transplanted heuchera, these normally sag and flag for days after moving to a dry area, but not with magnetic water, they looked terrific and well established from the first day.

Brad Johnson

Ohio, USA 

I have been using Plantsurge to water my tomato plants from seeds, after comparing against similar identical plants given tap water I was surprised when I came to repot them to notice some significant differences; plants watered with Plantsurge all had a more compact bigger root ball, with stronger stems and more foliage’

Laura Sneddon

Dorset , England

It would appear to me that the properties of the Plantsurge magnetic water when administered to plants is similar to a nitrogenous plant feed, resulting in lush, green leafy growth at some expense to flowering. However, all of my Plantsurge watered Cosmos flowers planted from seed are slightly bigger and lusher that tap water Cosmos

Michael Palmer

Bourenmouth, England

I am amazed to see so many flowers on my agapanthus and it’s all down to the Plantsurge magnetic soft water, this plant has barely flowered in the last four years, so this is simply fantastic!

Lisa Allison

Dronsfield, England