Revealing the mystique of magnetic water

There is something magical about garden enthusiasts turning tap water into magnetic water to achieve healthier stronger growing plants. Yet despite all the positive garden reviews and plant trials, scientists still cannot agree on a consensus of exactly how magnetic water works. But here’s the thing, using magnets to improve plant growth is centuries old, French scientist Louis Pasteur used magnets to grow bigger plants in the late 19th century, our planet depends on magnetic forces to grow the forests and keep us alive, the rain from a thunderstorm is electro magnetically charged and brings dynamic life back into plants. So whilst it’s clear that plants and magnets have great synergy, what’s really exciting is the mystique of the remarkable that happens when magnetic energy is transferred into ordinary water and used to water plants, fruits and vegetables. When you clip a Plantsurge on to a hosepipe, or a water butt, the magnetic fields from its four magnets alters the structure of the flowing water causing electrons and atoms to be shuffled around, this forces molecules to cluster into smaller groups than those found in unmagnetized water. The result is  improved uptake of water and nutrients into cells giving the benefits seen with healthier growth, abundant flowering and improved yield.